Registeration Method:
Register Online: Please click Submission Systemto register.
After completing the registration through the above steps, you will receive a confirmation and payment instruction email from the ICIEM Organizing Committee within 2 working days.

Registration Fee:

Registration Type

Registration Fee

Authors (Regular)

350 USD

Authors (Student)

300 USD


200 USD

* In order to facilitate scheduling of publications and conferences, participants must complete registration and payment before June 14.

Payment Methods:
1) Credit Card/Alipay
2) Wire Transfer
Please contact the ICIEM Organizing Committee admin@iciemconf.orgfor bank details. Bank charges are the responsibility of the payer.
3) Paypal
To pay the registration fee with a PayPal account, click here. After payment, please send payment information to

Registration Notices:
1) Student must have Student ID which will be checked. Student Fee is only for students who attached their student's ID card copy when register and is ONLY applicable for students who are FIRST authors.
2) Registration fees in mainland China are paid in CNY units, and registration fees outside the mainland are paid in U.S. dollars (USD) units. Your Registration will not be confirmed until payment is received.
3) The ICIEM Organizing Committee will provide Certificate of ICIEM2022 and Conference Program and other information.
4) Author registration fee includes the publication of abstract book, but DOES NOT INCLUDE accommodation fee, transportation fee, visa application fee.
5) Please input the paper ID when you pay up, You will receive an official confirmation email and an e-copy of official receipt within 5 days after receipt of the required fees.
6) The meeting reimbursement voucher is the domestic regular machine tax invoice provided by the meeting team.

Important Dates

Online Conference Days:
June 16-17, 2022
Manuscript Submission Deadline:
May 13, 2022
Acceptance Delivery Starts:
June 10, 2022
Registeration Deadline:
June 10, 2022


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